How do You Meditate?

A misconception I’ve heard before about spiritual consciousness is that one needs to sit in silence for hours at the top of a hill and meditate till they’re blue in the face in order to calm their mind and find optimum healing.
While I believe meditation is extremely beneficial to our health and well-being, I also know sitting in silence is not the easiest thing to do for everyone.
Being that meditation has extremely powerful healing benefits, my clients often wonder if there are other alternatives to this technique in times where they can’t sit still for one minute
…and the answer is, yes.
Something I learned a couple of years ago from Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the most respected Zen masters in the word, is that healing our heart, mind, and spirit can be as simple as being present.
We are healing our childhood wounds, we are healing illness, we are healing our hearts by simply coming back to our body and by being fully engulfed in the present moment. This is meditation. This is mindfulness.
Meditation can be as simple as playing a sport or working out. I’ve heard many athletes state that their sport is their sweet “escape”.
This is most likely because when one is in that natural state of flow while playing a sport, they are in deep meditation. They are fully immersed in the moment.
Meditation can be you walking your dog; when you are not on your phone and when you are not drowning in racing thoughts and emotions.
Yes, there are thoughts that pass through of course, but your center of awareness would be the greenery of trees that surround you… the sidewalk meeting your feet as you walk…. the smell of the brisk, morning air and grass… the sounds of cars passing you by… etc.
When you can fully bathe in the present moment on a simple walk outside, you are healing. You are reaching higher peaks of enlightenment and you are healing your body, mind, and heart.
Meditation can also be: playing an instrument, coloring, drawing, dancing. As long as you are immersed in the moment and within this flow state, you are practicing mindfulness; and thus, you are sending healing light to your entire being.
This sounds easy enough.. but even this, can be quite the task for those who experience anxiety and racing thoughts regardless of the matter.
They can’t seem to be in the moment because their thoughts snatch them from being “here” in the now.
This definitely used to be me in my past. I used to struggle with grounding myself and being present in the moment.. it was a constant battle between me and my thoughts.
After experiencing deep heartbreak and being bombarded with emotional trauma from my past, it was hard for me to fully immerse myself in the moment even with activities that once used to be meditation for me (e.g., volleyball, working out, painting).
None of it worked for me. I just wanted to lay in my bed and drown in my endless, self-sabotaging thoughts undisturbed lol.
Being that I could barely be present in the moment doing fun activities that I once enjoyed, there was no way I could sit in silence for 5 minutes to practice meditation.
Over this time period, I gathered tools that worked for me in that moment in order to practice mindfulness and strengthen my awareness.
This included simple exercises that involved the use of my 5 senses, my breath, creativity, physical activity geared more towards yin energy, etc.
Eventually, I was able to meditate in silence and experience healing, joy, and peace that could only come from a source higher than myself.
For anyone who this may resonate with, you do not need to meditate the traditional, monk-like way in order to reach peaks of enlightenment, peace, and healing.
All you need to do is practice bringing yourself back to your breath, your body, and the present moment.. over and over again.
In doing so, you will wake up one day and realize how much more compassion, inner peace, and forgiveness you’ve found within, compared to when you first started.
It is truly liberating to say the least.
You’ll be able to enjoy life and be present in the moment more often without memories from the past or fears of the future constantly yanking you out of the “now”…
And eventually, after practice, you will actually be able to sit in silence (or with youtube meditation music playing in the background lol) for minutes or hours at at time.. undisturbed, at peace, and grounded.
It is one of the most freeing and comforting feelings to be able to ground in the sweet nectar of the present moment more and more each time.
The more we practice mindfulness, our connection to Self will evolve to higher levels.
This will result in heightened intuitive abilities, deeper levels of compassion (for self and others), increased self-awareness, and a significant decrease in anxiety, stress, and/or depression.
When working with my clients, my goal is to give them the tools that work specifically for them, since everyone is different and since there are a variety of tools to strengthen one’s conscious awareness.
After applying these tools and exercises to your day-to-day life, you will be more capable of finding true, inner bliss or stillness no matter what battles you may be going through or what type of day you are having.
In this 2-month 1:1 Holistic Healing program, I help genuine and empathic souls go from racing thoughts, endless anxiety, and a disconnection from self… to calming their mind, significantly decreasing feelings of anxiety/depression, and increasing their ability to connect with their own inner light and love.
If you are ready to reach new peaks of enlightenment, joy, and serenity, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Fear of Failure: An Illusory Belief

fear of failure
FEAR OF FAILURE: An illusion that is usually stemmed from a deeply rooted belief that we are unworthy.

This fear has the potential to strap our souls down in chains, holding us back from embodying our truest selves and from pursuing our truest passions.

Moreover, this fear can cause us to go onto pursuing a career and pouring our energy into a field that doesn’t align with our most authentic self. Why? Because it is something we believe we are “good at” and most likely won’t fail at… when deep down on a soul level, you know that particular career is not in alignment with your true purpose or true, authentic passions.
Oftentimes, we are aware of this knowing as much as we try to ignore it; and you may ignore it because if you pursued your gifts and talents, you may not believe you could create abundance out of it.
You believe you are incompetent. Or perhaps have some type of inner dialogue suggesting there are “other people who are better than me at this”.
The belief of: “I can’t possibly make a living off pursuing what I LOVE to do”…. “if I fail, I’ll be embarrassed, so I’ll stick with this career that I’m good at even though it’s not something I’d do for free”.
The list goes on. We allow this fear of failure to take over, leading us to live our life unfulfilled on a soul level. Why?
Because we’d rather leave that core wound of “I’m not worthy” untouched and unbothered, than dig deep and do the inner work that will set us free.
So, how can we change this in order to live in abundance and live in alignment with our most authentic self?
We dissect the root of our fear of failure and shift those beliefs into ones that are in alignment of what is true; and what is true is that we ARE worthy and competent of manifesting our dreams into reality, worthy of living our truest passions, and worthy of pursuing what we LOVE for energetic (e.g., financial) exchange.
Even if it takes time and inner work… we are most certainly worthy and competent of what our heart desires. That is our birthright.
Although everyone’s core beliefs are different, most of the time, fear of failure is stemmed from the belief that you are unworthy of blessings and miracles. These beliefs are developed in childhood and/or throughout life circumstances.
Example 1: Let’s say you “failed” at something you worked really hard for in the past. In your mind, that could’ve translated as “I am unworthy of what I work hard for” or “I’m unworthy of my blessings”.
Now it’s 10 years later and you are: pursuing a career that is safe (but not fulfilling), repressing your true passions and desires, quitting on your dreams because in your mind, you’re “not competent”, etc.
Example 2: Let’s say your parents told you something as a child repetitively or acted in a way that made you believe you were bad, unwanted, the sh** show of the family, etc. In your mind as a child or teenager, that translates as “I am unworthy of love”. (The root is still unworthiness, regardless).
Now it’s 20 years later, and you’re repressing all your god-given gifts and talents because deep down, you believe they aren’t worthy of recognition or up to par.
The list can go on, which is why it is important to dissect core beliefs that are harboring in your shadow and blossoming into this fear of failure.
This is where I begin to assist you in SHIFTING your beliefs.
We can go back to example 1… the instance in which you “failed” at something.
When we look at it from an objective perspective, we may come to realize that we gained a necessary skill in that pursuit which has assisted us tremendously in our higher calling.
Or perhaps, in the midst of pursuing that thing we “failed” at, we crossed paths with someone who is still in our lives today that we love very much.
So did we really fail? Or was it destined that we had to just go do that thing in order to hone a skill, to meet someone special, etc.
Yes, things may have not gone OUR way. But, it went the way it was supposed to in order for you to grasp what you needed, but that doesn’t mean you failed; nor, does it dictate your worth.
Example 2: We can go back to the time where our parents said or acted in a way that suggested we were unworthy of love. Looking at it from an objective perspective, we may come to recognize that they may have been dealing with their own emotional traumas or issues.
They couldn’t hold compassion for themselves in that moment due to lack of resources perhaps… leading them to project onto us. We then realize their lack of compassion or their emotional avoidance had nothing to do with our worth, but rather, their own lack of self-awareness.
When we recognize this, we then reclaim our divine birthright of being WORTHY.
This takes practice, it is not an overnight thing. However, when we begin to get the hang of Shadow Work and Inner Child healing, we then begin to dissect the beliefs that are holding us hostage and shift them into beliefs that are true. And what is TRUE for absolutely EVERYONE is that we are worthy.
You are worthy of all your heart desires. You are competent enough to pursue all of your passions and your divine purpose. Your talents and gifts are worthy of recognition and abundance.
No matter how long it takes to dig the weeds out of our minds that hold us hostage, we will find freedom.. and eventually begin to move through love and courage more often than through fear and safety.
In my 2-month Holistic Health Mentorship program, I help people with their fear of failure, amongst any others they may encounter. Through journal prompts, intuitive mentoring, guided meditations, shadow work, and inner child healing, we begin to shift beliefs they’ve been harboring for years. Beliefs that no longer serve their highest good. We shift them into ones that are true so they can live in alignment with their true, authentic, passionate selves.
This leads to a more fulfilled heart, soul, and life. It leads to them being more open to abundance and blessings. They begin to embrace and embody their heart’s REAL passions; they begin to pursue dreams that reflect their authentic nature; they start to embrace their god-given gifts and talents; and most importantly, start moving and showing up as their Highest Self, rather than unconsciously allowing their fear of failure to take driver’s seat.
The price for this offer is a respectable low four-figure investment, but my rates will go up over time.
If my energy speaks to you and you’d like to work with me, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.
xo, Remi


Sometimes we will inevitably time travel into our past as we evolve (or the past will catch up to us). We move backwards in order to move forwards. When we are in tune with our subconscious, we can go into these lower dimensions while still remaining vibrationally aligned with a higher frequency. We must consistently remind ourselves to go into our lower dimensions with full conscious awareness. When the residues of your past selves or inner child make a loud appearance out of nowhere, honor them and welcome them. Matter of fact, have them take a seat at the table and make them some tea.

Go through any necessary old behavioral and emotional thought patterns with full conscious awareness and mindfulness. Dive into the deep end unapologetically, but make sure to remain as the observer. Dive into the space where all of your unresolved past pain resides. Don’t get caught up now. Dive in, then come up for air.. (or leave the front and back door open for your past selves to come as they please, and go once they’re done with their tea lol). To remain as the observer in non-resistant mode, is to master the art of transcendence.

Our subconscious mind will continue to run the show in our outer reality if we don’t dig deep into the shadow of our being. We must extract what is subconsciously weighing us down and give it back to source in order to free ourselves. We must re-discover old pain from childhood or from our past that has been unconsciously suppressed, and nurture it with with the love and care it was once deprived from.

As we re-discover any ignored or suppressed trauma/pain that has been lodged in the deep end, we can then resolve it (inwardly). Doing this in that short lil’ dive, or short lil’ tea session, we clear karmic debt. We free ourselves, our parents, our future children, and our ancestors. We connect to the essence of who we truly are and release the burdens that have been weighing ourselves and our lineage down. We generate our DNA to a higher frequency. We transcend our minds and hearts. We alchemize our darkness into divine light.


Learning to Love Yourself (Pt.1)

Many times throughout our journeys, we hear people say things along the lines of… “You need to love yourself” or “You deserve better, love yourself!”. However, the term, “love yourself” can be foreign to us if we do not actually learn how to. Depending on each individual’s journey, loving one’s self is a process and sometimes we can’t effectively love ourselves if we don’t come to know who we are first. Loving yourself and self-care is not always relaxing in a bubble bath and/or treating yourself to a pedicure/manicure. It’s getting to know your inner child and nurturing the inner you who has been hurt or who has felt neglected in the past.

Although there are many acts of self-love and self-care, one practice I find very effective is: Strengthening awareness of your thoughts (i.e., inner-dialogue) and reframing the thoughts that don’t serve your Highest Good.

There are many thoughts passing through our mind throughout the day that we don’t recognize until we actually gain self-awareness. Thoughts like, “I can’t believe I am feeling sad again, wow!”; “I’m such an idiot” (even saying this jokingly is detrimental because our spirit doesn’t know the difference); “I am difficult to deal with”; “I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I’m trippin’”; “I look gross”; etc. Many of our thoughts can be existent on either a conscious or subconscious level, which is why meditation is important in order to gain awareness of those happening on a more subconscious level. These thoughts going through our head may have been engrained in our minds from past lovers, friends, parents, or we made ourselves believe these things due to certain life experiences. Gaining self-awareness of our thoughts and reframing them to ones of more kindness and compassion is a beautiful act of self-love.

It’s important to know that not all thoughts should be reframed right from the jump. For instance, there are times where a thought or form of inner-dialogue is a cry for love from our inner child or a younger version of ourselves. As we recognize these certain thoughts that don’t serve us, we can then distinguish the root of it (e.g., an emotion); then, we can do shadow work to send light to these aspects of ourselves rather than focusing on the thought right off the bat.

At times, we may even identify with our thoughts (e.g., allow them to define us, believe them to be true, get lost in them). As we stay aware of our thoughts rather than automatically identifying with them, we gain a deeper level of understanding for ourselves. In result, we learn to nurture our past selves or our inner child more effectively. We can then provide love and meet our needs that may have not been met in the past. As we practice and gain more self-love for ourselves, we then attract partners, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that see us the way we see ourselves, and most importantly, love us the way we deserve to be loved.

Author: Remi G.
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Benefits of Social Media Fasting

Just like fasting from food is beneficial for the mind and spirit, fasting from social media has similar effects. Scrolling through social media throughout the day can have numerous effects on our mind, as well as the body and spirit, since they are interrelated. Everything we read, watch, and listen to is being transmitted into our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind makes up 95% of our entire mind, which can be an issue, being that we are not conscious of what resides there.

If it were true that our physical reality (i.e., our life) is a reflection of our subconscious mind (i.e., inner reality), wouldn’t it be of major importance to protect and cleanse that aspect of ourselves? Social media is a form of energy exchange within itself. As we intake certain information, pictures, videos, dialogue, etc., we are in essence, feeding our subconscious mind (i.e., our inner reality). In addition to that, we may find ourselves unconsciously comparing our lives to others, we may develop unconscious feelings of unworthiness, etc. Even if that were not the case, we are still nonetheless immersed into another reality and exchanging a form of energy as we mindlessly scroll through our timelines. In result, this can affect our mental or spiritual energy if we are not mindful of the content we scroll through, or if we’re not mindful of how our inner energy is being used.

Taking mini or long social media breaks has been proven to increase levels of inner peace and clarity; it has also been proven to decrease levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Through these breaks, we can gain awareness of subconscious thoughts or inner dialogue that we may have been unaware of before. As we cleanse our subconscious mind during social media fasts, we can gain clarity on certain things in our life. Moreover, we gain a greater sense of inner peace due to the simple fact that our entire Being is being cleansed, and we increase our ability to tap into our intuition much more efficiently.

-Remi G.