Tapping into the Feminine Goddess

It’s very common for healers, mothers, nurses, coaches, and caregivers… to constantly be in their masculine essence – always GIVING. Leaving little to no energetic room to truly and deeply receive. These women may often feel consistently exhausted and as if their energy is depleted, or feeling as though their own needs are hardly everContinue reading “Tapping into the Feminine Goddess”

How do You Meditate?

A misconception I’ve heard before about spiritual consciousness is that one needs to sit in silence for hours at the top of a hill and meditate till they’re blue in the face in order to calm their mind and find optimum healing. While I believe meditation is extremely beneficial to our health and well-being, IContinue reading “How do You Meditate?”

Why We Mistake Passion & Love for Toxicity

Why we mistake passion and love for a relationship that is simply toxic, and how we can let go: If you’ve ever been in a karmic or toxic relationship or are currently in one, you know the struggle of breaking free. Every time you gather the courage to move on, you’re right back in theContinue reading “Why We Mistake Passion & Love for Toxicity”

Fear of Failure: An Illusory Belief

FEAR OF FAILURE: An illusion that is usually stemmed from a deeply rooted belief that we are unworthy. This fear has the potential to strap our souls down in chains, holding us back from embodying our truest selves and from pursuing our truest passions. Moreover, this fear can cause us to go onto pursuing aContinue reading “Fear of Failure: An Illusory Belief”

Alcohol & Emotions (energy in motion)

While many believe they are drinking an excessive amount of alcohol for pure pleasure, it actually may be that they are struggling to process repressed emotions. (E-motions=energy in motion). These particular energies in motion start flowing within us which may cause us to feel heavy, uncomfortable, or stagnant (i.e, bored). So we pick up aContinue reading “Alcohol & Emotions (energy in motion)”


Sometimes we will inevitably time travel into our past as we evolve (or the past will catch up to us). We move backwards in order to move forwards. When we are in tune with our subconscious, we can go into these lower dimensions while still remaining vibrationally aligned with a higher frequency. We must consistentlyContinue reading “Transcendence”

Learning to Love Yourself (Pt.1)

Many times throughout our journeys, we hear people say things along the lines of… “You need to love yourself” or “You deserve better, love yourself!”. However, the term, “love yourself” can be foreign to us if we do not actually learn how to. Depending on each individual’s journey, loving one’s self is a process and sometimes we can’tContinue reading “Learning to Love Yourself (Pt.1)”

Benefits of Social Media Fasting

Just like fasting from food is beneficial for the mind and spirit, fasting from social media has similar effects. Scrolling through social media throughout the day can have numerous effects on our mind, as well as the body and spirit, since they are interrelated. Everything we read, watch, and listen to is being transmitted intoContinue reading “Benefits of Social Media Fasting”

Co-dependency vs. Love

Are you in love or in a karmic bond? Are you or were you in a solid relationship, or in a co-dependent bond? A lot of times we hurt and we crave a former lover assuming it was a true, genuine, and authentic love we just lost. Which it may have been, to a certainContinue reading “Co-dependency vs. Love”