Holistic Health coaching 1:1

with rebecca

With our Holistic Health Coaching, you will learn how to manage and heal disruptive emotional patterns; dissect the root of your physical imbalances; cultivate harmonious balance in relationships; transcend fears that are keeping you from living your most authentic truth; and much more. These services occur on a month-to-month basis.

emotional alchemy program 1:1

with rebecca

This is a sacred, 8-week program specifically focused on trauma bonds (e.g., toxic romantic relationships, toxic family relationships) and one’s Shadow Self. We will get to the root of any suffering and alchemize your emotional discomfort or distress. Transform your relationship and childhood wounds into love, confidence, and healthy relationships!

Reiki Healing 1:1

with phyllicia

Using this Japanese energetic healing modality, our certified Reiki practitioner will heal you in person or through distance healing, as both have the same effectiveness. Reiki healing has been proven to relieve emotional and physical pain; treat or cure physical diseases and physical disorders; and clear emotional blockages.

What Makes Us Special?

With our White Lotus healing packages, you will experience a unique healing experience as we cover all physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body. In order to effectively increase your quality of life, all components must be addressed as they are interrelated. We make sure to work with you in a way that your needs, desires, and beliefs are put first in order to provide effective, powerful, and quick results. Book a free clarity call below or send a personal message to Rebecca (owner) on Facebook!

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