Phyllicia (Phi) – Reiki Practitioner

What Will Be Addressed?


A lot of our physical pain can be related to genetics, chronic inflammation, injury, disease, etc. Energy in the body remains stagnant when we have a physical imbalance such as those described above. Our Reiki practitioner will be able to target these energetic fields and remove any blockages to provide a flow of healing energy.


As we go through life, we tend to hold emotions in such as stress, despair, grief, anger, heartbreak, etc. If not released naturally, they can turn into energetic blockages which in turn, get lodged into the physical body. These emotional blockages eventually manifest as physical pain, physical diseases, or disorders. Our Reiki practitioner will provide energetic healing in order to remove these types of blockages in one’s body in order to promote physical healing, restoration, and pain relief.

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