Dive In

In moments where I feel my heart is restricted in chains and mush from the past comes to surface, I dive straight in… into the body of dark water.
In my opinion, two years worth of talk therapy can be completed in two months, maybe even two days…. by simply diving head first into our fears.
In traditional talk therapy, we discuss our stressors over and over again, trying to analyze everything or to simply vent.
And while I believe venting and receiving insight from an objective perspective is still extremely healing and beneficial to our relationships, I also believe it only grazes the surface if we are not actively jumping into our subconscious and into the fears that are weighing us down.
It’s like, our hearts desire freedom, but we don’t want to invest or pay the price of freedom.. which involves doing the dirty, messy, and dark inner work.
We want this freedom to come to us after reciting some positive mantras, placing crystals on our forehead, or taping a bible scripture up on our wall…
and while these things are beneficial and great tools that I, myself, still use from time to time… I don’t believe it is the thing that sets us 100% free into living fearlessly, boldly, and unapologetically authentic.
This is where some people quit.. when they realize they gotta jump into, yet, another fear; or when they realize they need to feel that excruciating emotional pain that is waiting for them behind the door of freedom.
You think… “damn, I gotta pay this price for abundance, love, and healing (mental or physical)?”
“Nevermind, I’m good”, you say (basically).
You go on to continue living in stagnancy, continue these repetitive unfulfilling patterns, allow generational curses to continue to trickle down your lineage, and continue living a life that is either not fulfilling or feels inauthentic to your soul.
One thing about working with me is, I am going to encourage you to jump straight into your fears, straight into what is deemed as “bad”, and encourage you to embrace your shadow self.
I do this with love, care, and nurturing energy. Never forceful, and always at your pace.
For instance:
You sense another trauma bond coming to you, they remind you of your ex that caused you deep pain. So you block them and pray to God to protect you from “evil”.
F that. Something in your energetic field attracted them in the first place. Answer their call, fuck it. Dive straight in. We’ll figure it out and move from there.
You sense feelings of anger arise when someone you love belittles you or disrespects you. In efforts to be accepted or to keep them in your life (out of fear), you suppress your emotions and remain silent.
F that. Cuss em out. We’ll move from there.
You are afraid your biggest dreams or heart’s desires will never come true. You won’t receive that money, you won’t have that family, you won’t accomplish that goal… in other words, you won’t have your “picture perfect” reality. So you suppress the fears related to that idea, and say a few positive mantras.
F that. Let’s first write out, talk about, or vaguely imagine that reality you fear the most …and we will stare those fears straight in the face. Vomit if you must. Be angry at God if you must. Cry if you must. But we’re doing that before the positive mantras.
You’re afraid the love of your life is going to move on and happily marry someone else, even though the relationship leaves you depleted, unhappy, and unfulfilled on a consistent basis.. So you put them on a pedestal, put their needs before your own, attempt to control every single one of their moves, and keep your feet planted because you’re “loyal”.
F that. Break up with them and go lay in bed with any abandonment and self-worth wounds. Allow the darkness to eat you up, until you see the light of freedom. Text me if you must. But, we’re choosing freedom.
And freedom comes with a price – diving into darkness.
We must dive into the depths of our subconscious and shadow self if we want to attract the most sacred relationships, a love higher than ourselves, divine healing, and an abundance of light that radiates through our entire being on a consistent basis.
This creates a life you LOVE waking up to; and on days where you don’t wake up to that feeling, you bring forth the courage of your inner warrior and dive into what has you strapped in chains.
Whether you dive into this darkness with strength and courage, or you dive in with total fear, who cares… same thing. Just dive in.
In my 2-month Holistic Healing program, I assist genuine and empathic souls who are tired, lost, and feeling hopeless… and are ready to set their hearts free.
I gently nudge them into the pits of their darkness and hand them the tools they need as they invest into the art of absolute divine freedom.
They bring their darkness and light into a harmonious balance… thus, unlocking deeper layers of love and compassion for self. This gradually and organically extinguishes their fears, one at a time.
They manifest a life (relationships, health, career, etc.) that is more aligned with their heart’s desires…
and most importantly, they are set free.
The price for my program is currently a low four-figure investment, and customizable to your needs.
If my energy resonates with you and you are interested in working with me, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

“Stop Crying or I’ll Give You Something To Cry About”

As a child, if your emotional needs were often unmet or you were told things like… “Shut up, quit crying” or “If you don’t stop crying, I am going to give you something to cry about”…
you most likely had trouble processing your emotions as a teenager or young adult which resulted in: reckless behaviors or always “misbehaving” in school, substance abuse, social isolation, etc.;
and/or you probably still have trouble processing your emotions as an adult which has resulted in: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, unhealthy relationships, etc.
Although punishment or shame for crying (or expressing a need) is common in older generations, especially in certain cultures, it is far from healthy, and in fact, creates a plethora of issues later in life.
Whether a child is crying because their feelings are genuinely hurt or they’re crying because they can’t get a toy, pairing emotional expression with punishment/fear (e.g., threats) will more than often create disharmony later in life.
(Now, I’m not saying give the child the toy when he cries lol… I’m saying practice reinforcement and active listening rather than, “because I said so, now stop crying” lol….I’ll save child reinforcement vs. punishment for another day. Let me stay on topic.)
As children… if we got hit, got “the look”, or some type of punishment for expressing emotion, our brains were conditioned very early in life to associate “emotional expression + feeling” with “fear + punishment”.
We’ve essentially been trained to hold in our raw emotions … over and over again. This has the potential to, first and foremost, create physical imbalances later in life (i.e., disease, illness).
Emotions are “energy in motion (i.e., e-motion)” to put it simply.
They must flow in order for mental, emotional, and physical balance… so, if we were not provided the space, compassion, and listening ear to feel raw emotions as children, we learn to suppress our energies deemed as “unacceptable”.
This creates blockages in the emotional body because we have no idea how to simply feel, how to provide a non-judgmental space for ourselves, or how to validate what we feel/believe.
These blockages can eventually manifest into the physical body.
Moreover, if we had parents who did not provide space, compassion, and a listening ear for our emotions (especially if our sadness/anger had to do with them), we tend to attract romantic partners, friends, and/or supervisors with similar (or worse) disregard for our feelings.
We grow to believe that it is normal for people to ignore, reject, physically abuse, and/or turn the table on us when we are upset about the way they’re treating us.
Even worse, sometimes we believe this is consistent with love.
So we remain in this karmic loop of… emotional suppression, co-dependent relationships/friendships, physical/emotional abusive relationships, narcissistic supervisors, anxiety, depression, loneliness, physical illness or disease, estranged parent/child relationships, etc.
First and foremost, it’s important to forgive in our hearts all generations before us who started this generational curse, if you will.
Just like you are doing the best you can for yourself and your children, so were your parents… and their parents.. and their parents’ parents…etc.
Secondly, this generational curse (or cycle) has most likely lead you to reject your own needs and feelings. Therefore, in order to break the cycle and heal the emotional body, we must learn how to hold space for our emotions and make sure our needs are met….
doing this, allows you to provide that same compassion and space for your children as well, organically and effortlessly. You create healthy patterns for future generations.
The work starts with yourself, though.
Holding space for our emotions and making sure our needs are met, begins with nurturing and re-parenting our inner child.
It begins with feeling our emotions without judgment; and validating our own feelings when someone or something has triggered us.
It begins with separating ourselves from people and situations that require us to abandon and reject ourselves in order for the relationships or situation to work.
As we learn to process our emotions through the frequency of love, openness, and acceptance… we heal ourselves, we heal our bloodline, and we heal our children.
I help genuine and empathic souls heal/re-parent their inner child, learn how to process their emotions in a healthy & effective manner, and break generational curses through a variety of techniques (scientific + spiritual/energetic).
Their heart, their mind, and their physical body is brought back to harmony + relationships are restored/strengthened.
Ways to work with me right now:
✨2-month 1:1 Holistic Healing program
✨1:1 individual sessions (monthly membership)
Contact me if interested and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Tapping into the Feminine Goddess

It’s very common for healers, mothers, nurses, coaches, and caregivers… to constantly be in their masculine essence – always GIVING. Leaving little to no energetic room to truly and deeply receive.
These women may often feel consistently exhausted and as if their energy is depleted, or feeling as though their own needs are hardly ever met.
Our masculine energies are all about providing, giving, directing, analyzing, problem-solving etc. And while this is a beautiful thing, it becomes unbalanced when the inner masculine is overactive and when we fail to bring our divine feminine (receiving) into harmonious balance.
(We all have an inner masculine and inner feminine no matter your gender).
Another way our masculine energies can lack equilibrium is when we constantly have an army of shields and swords around our hearts in efforts to protect ourselves from harm or pain…
and in result, we slowly extinguish the powers of our beautiful, magical divine feminine… because what we are doing, is taking ourselves out of the space of receptivity.
Our divine feminine is all about receptivity/receiving. It’s about unconditional love, non-linear (flow), wild, intuitive, creative, play, sensual.
This is the energy that energetically heals our physical bodies, attracts abundance, radiates our entire being (and our surroundings) with pure magnificent love, and births all beautiful things to life.
As women, when we are disconnected from the divine feminine and operate from a disempowered masculine, we may find that we attract men who aren’t rooted in their own masculine essence (I.e, unreliable, dishonest, disloyal, inconsistent, emotionally unavailable, flighty).
Moreover, when we lose touch of the divine feminine, we may find ourselves over-working to a point of exhaustion all the time, unfulfilled and empty inside.
We may even find ourselves striving for prestigious careers, some type of financial status, degrees, and/or job titles that aren’t truly and genuinely in alignment with our passion or soul’s calling.
Or perhaps, we may find ourselves slaving for money, running ourselves dry, all for a dollar. Basically, working our ass off (solely in the 3D realm) for the bag;
and while there’s nothing wrong with this because sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, it is also important to consider…
we literally have a sacred portal between our legs that brings life to earth. This portal is the same portal that has equal potential to bring abundance into our life with ease.
In other words, when we begin to tap into this portal, there is less need to work our ass off to a point of exhaustion because we realize we have the universe at our fingertips and can birth all of our heart’s desires into existence… This includes love, career opportunities aligned with our soul, improved health, etc.

An unbalanced, overactive masculine essence has the potential to prohibit us from accessing these divine portals.
Disempowered masculine energies can be a byproduct of being taken advantage of, abused, and/or abandoned in our past.
We basically have conditioned ourselves to constantly put up a barrier around our hearts and souls when we were mistreated so often as children or young adults.
Then, adulthood comes around and these barriers that we had to put up to block us from pain in our past, are the same barriers that are blocking the energy of love and abundance from flowing into our energetic field in the now.
Women with disempowered or “toxic” masculine energies (hello, past versions of me), are the type to cut you all the way off if she simply has the THOUGHT that you’re trying to cross her lol. There are many examples, but I think this is a common one.
Strong, rigid, hard, uncompromisable boundaries and barriers.
Again, this is 100% understandable and valid considering what caused us to move in this manner, in the first place.. You most likely have been through hell and back.
But it’s time to put a few of those 20 ft walls and swords down, sis. (Keyword: a few… it’s okay to have solid boundaries).
Because when we CONSISTENTLY and over-excessively operate from this space, we begin to lose grip of the divine feminine…. our inner healing powers, the infinite portals of love we obtain within, our sensuality, our creative energies
…all of our inner magic, in other words, becomes far beyond reach.
Now your physical body may not be working as it should, now your life may have no color, now love doesn’t surround you, now you’ve watched 20 episodes of that Netflix show without creating something, now you haven’t had an orgasm in a hot minute…. life is pale and dull.
If that is the case, it might be time to bring your divine feminine goddess back to life.
Don’t worry about setting boundaries… don’t worry about if you’re not giving enough to those you love… don’t worry about not providing enough to your clients, children, or anyone you love. Your masculine energies are already in overdrive, remember lol.
When working with my clients who have overactive masculine energies, I assist them in re-awakening the divine feminine through energy work (e.g, shadow work, yoni healing, dance, and providing educational resources).
We focus on the art of receiving, dancing, creating, laughter, and freedom.
I assist in:
Showing them how and when it is time to dance in the chaotic, insecure flow of life
Encouraging them to laugh and shrug when decisions become too overbearing
Reminding them every now and then to put the clock down and not check the time, schedule, or errands that “must” get done…
and simply guiding them in connecting to nature and to their wild nature, one day at a time.
Then, slowly but surely they begin to awaken the divine feminine… a powerful love that radiates through every cell of their being
…filling every corner of her home, and creating a captivating, healing presence to her vibrant aura.
When we begin to connect with this energy, people will be DRAWN to you. People will compliment your glow and radiance! It is magnetic.
The divine feminine who was has been there all along, but had to hide for a bit, because her masculine needed to provide and give over-excessively for whatever reason, is waiting for you to tap into her energy and receive her own needs and blessings with an open heart.
The divine feminine who hid in a dark cave because the divine masculine needed to set 50 million barriers for all the a**holes, bullies, and disrespectful people in your life that were undeserving of you… is there, waiting to flourish in all areas of your life.
When we tap into her energy, we can protect ourselves and demand to be treated as the sacred beings that we are without embodying a “toxic” masculinity so consistently (e.g., barriers, walls, that “don’t cross me” attitude, rigid/strict boundaries).
The divine feminine attracts and RECEIVES her blessings (love, health, prosperity, career opportunities aligned with her soul, etc.) effortlessly with a grateful and humble heart
…without the guilt, without the shame, without the exhausting 50+ hour work weeks, and without feeling like she is not deserving.
The divine feminine expects to be treated like royalty by the universe because she is WORTHY of it.
And so the universe responds to this energy by providing.
She eventually begins to create space and gradually opens the door for an abundance of love and blessings to flow in… allowing herself the time to rest, play, create, and only be of service when need be.
She does not chase a man, she does not chase a bag. She bathes in her own self-love and allows her god-given blessings to gravitate her way.
Learning to reactivate the powers of the divine feminine and bring both our masculine and feminine energies into magnificent balance, is one part of my 2-month 1:1 Holistic Healing program.
Through exercises customizable for you, I guide you into awakening your divine feminine…. the deepest layers of love, receptivity, compassion, and flow.. so you can move through life with effortless wisdom and grace, while still keeping your boundaries solid.
In doing so, your ability to heal your body is heightened. Your ability to tap into and trust your intuition, significantly increases.
You will find more ease in attracting and RECEIVING every single one of your blessings with an open heart (love, career opportunities, health, freedom, inner peace, etc.)…
The price for this offer is a respectable, low four-figure investment… a steal compared to the tools you will take on with you for life and the divine shift you will experience in your current reality.
If my energy resonates with you and you’d like to work with me, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

How do You Meditate?

A misconception I’ve heard before about spiritual consciousness is that one needs to sit in silence for hours at the top of a hill and meditate till they’re blue in the face in order to calm their mind and find optimum healing.
While I believe meditation is extremely beneficial to our health and well-being, I also know sitting in silence is not the easiest thing to do for everyone.
Being that meditation has extremely powerful healing benefits, my clients often wonder if there are other alternatives to this technique in times where they can’t sit still for one minute
…and the answer is, yes.
Something I learned a couple of years ago from Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the most respected Zen masters in the word, is that healing our heart, mind, and spirit can be as simple as being present.
We are healing our childhood wounds, we are healing illness, we are healing our hearts by simply coming back to our body and by being fully engulfed in the present moment. This is meditation. This is mindfulness.
Meditation can be as simple as playing a sport or working out. I’ve heard many athletes state that their sport is their sweet “escape”.
This is most likely because when one is in that natural state of flow while playing a sport, they are in deep meditation. They are fully immersed in the moment.
Meditation can be you walking your dog; when you are not on your phone and when you are not drowning in racing thoughts and emotions.
Yes, there are thoughts that pass through of course, but your center of awareness would be the greenery of trees that surround you… the sidewalk meeting your feet as you walk…. the smell of the brisk, morning air and grass… the sounds of cars passing you by… etc.
When you can fully bathe in the present moment on a simple walk outside, you are healing. You are reaching higher peaks of enlightenment and you are healing your body, mind, and heart.
Meditation can also be: playing an instrument, coloring, drawing, dancing. As long as you are immersed in the moment and within this flow state, you are practicing mindfulness; and thus, you are sending healing light to your entire being.
This sounds easy enough.. but even this, can be quite the task for those who experience anxiety and racing thoughts regardless of the matter.
They can’t seem to be in the moment because their thoughts snatch them from being “here” in the now.
This definitely used to be me in my past. I used to struggle with grounding myself and being present in the moment.. it was a constant battle between me and my thoughts.
After experiencing deep heartbreak and being bombarded with emotional trauma from my past, it was hard for me to fully immerse myself in the moment even with activities that once used to be meditation for me (e.g., volleyball, working out, painting).
None of it worked for me. I just wanted to lay in my bed and drown in my endless, self-sabotaging thoughts undisturbed lol.
Being that I could barely be present in the moment doing fun activities that I once enjoyed, there was no way I could sit in silence for 5 minutes to practice meditation.
Over this time period, I gathered tools that worked for me in that moment in order to practice mindfulness and strengthen my awareness.
This included simple exercises that involved the use of my 5 senses, my breath, creativity, physical activity geared more towards yin energy, etc.
Eventually, I was able to meditate in silence and experience healing, joy, and peace that could only come from a source higher than myself.
For anyone who this may resonate with, you do not need to meditate the traditional, monk-like way in order to reach peaks of enlightenment, peace, and healing.
All you need to do is practice bringing yourself back to your breath, your body, and the present moment.. over and over again.
In doing so, you will wake up one day and realize how much more compassion, inner peace, and forgiveness you’ve found within, compared to when you first started.
It is truly liberating to say the least.
You’ll be able to enjoy life and be present in the moment more often without memories from the past or fears of the future constantly yanking you out of the “now”…
And eventually, after practice, you will actually be able to sit in silence (or with youtube meditation music playing in the background lol) for minutes or hours at at time.. undisturbed, at peace, and grounded.
It is one of the most freeing and comforting feelings to be able to ground in the sweet nectar of the present moment more and more each time.
The more we practice mindfulness, our connection to Self will evolve to higher levels.
This will result in heightened intuitive abilities, deeper levels of compassion (for self and others), increased self-awareness, and a significant decrease in anxiety, stress, and/or depression.
When working with my clients, my goal is to give them the tools that work specifically for them, since everyone is different and since there are a variety of tools to strengthen one’s conscious awareness.
After applying these tools and exercises to your day-to-day life, you will be more capable of finding true, inner bliss or stillness no matter what battles you may be going through or what type of day you are having.
In this 2-month 1:1 Holistic Healing program, I help genuine and empathic souls go from racing thoughts, endless anxiety, and a disconnection from self… to calming their mind, significantly decreasing feelings of anxiety/depression, and increasing their ability to connect with their own inner light and love.
If you are ready to reach new peaks of enlightenment, joy, and serenity, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Why We Mistake Passion & Love for Toxicity

Why we mistake passion and love for a relationship that is simply toxic, and how we can let go:
If you’ve ever been in a karmic or toxic relationship or are currently in one, you know the struggle of breaking free. Every time you gather the courage to move on, you’re right back in the arms of your karmic partner the following week or month.
The on and off, the breaking up to make up, the fighting to making love, the consistent verbal or physical abuse that turns into “I’m sorry and I love you”’s… a never-ending, vicious cycle. Sometimes lasting for years at a time. The feeling of relief you experience when reuniting after separation… the feeling of ecstasy you experience when the grudge and anger turns into love-making… this is often perceived as true love and passion, when it really is just an emotional addiction.
There is no denying that there is a profound love and connection present. That love and connection is what seems to keep us “loyal” and hooked onto them. And although there is a deep connection and genuine love present, the foundation of the bond is simply trauma rather than a true, authentic embodiment of love.
It is like being on an emotional roller coaster that is making you sick (mentally, physically, emotionally)… yet, you can’t seem to get off because of the thrill and strong gravitational pull towards that person.
The addictive, chaotic, emotional downs and ups become comfortable…or more so, it is severely uncomfortable when they’re absent… so you stay on the ride and become hooked.
So why is that?
Trauma can take on many forms. From living in chaotic environments growing up, to having a deeply rooted core-belief that you are unworthy.
Oftentimes, if we grew up in homes or lived lives full of chaos or instability, these emotional rollercoaster relationships full of instability IS what is normal for us… or for our subconscious mind, at least. Consciously, we are aware that this dynamic is draining, unhealthy, and completely undesirable. However, on a subconscious level, this is comfortable and normal. Chaos or inconsistency is all we really know.
Or.. let’s say we have a deeply rooted belief that we are “unworthy” or we fear being “alone”, we remain in these karmic relationships that bring us consistent anxiety and instability, simply because the bond fulfills that false core belief stored in the subconscious mind.
So if you’re trying to “let go” of a relationship that brings you more stress and anxiety, rather than love and stability, but cannot seem to break free…. It is because one must go deeper than surface level.
Recently, I have helped a client of mine finally break free from this constant back and forth battle by first and foremost, addressing the root chakra and teaching her to rebalance this energy center….
In her journey of breaking free from a karmic/toxic bond, we addressed her biggest fears and faced them head-on. Any wounds or core beliefs that suggested she was alone, abandoned, or unsafe were immediately addressed with nurture and compassion. 
Moreover, I assisted her with Shadow Work and Inner Child healing. Growing up she had a parental figure who constantly belittled her, called her an “idiot”, gave her silent treatment when she didn’t perform to their expectations, etc. (Coincidentally, the partner she was in a toxic relationship with, resembled her parental figure to a T).
As we worked on healing her inner child and inner teenager through shadow work, guided meditations, and addressed any known generational trauma, she began to revert the subconscious beliefs that attracted her to toxic, unstable relationships. Moreover, she began to recognize her worth on a deeper level, which has created space for healthier relationships to enter her life and a profound strength which led her to break free from unhealthy ones.
Moreover, she learned to fulfill her own needs and fully trust in her highest self on a deeper level. This allowed her to surrender to a higher knowing and live life on her own terms – at peace; fully flourishing in her potential; no longer turning to alcohol or binge eating to cope with her emotional pain; no longer jumping from partner to partner to fill her voids; and honoring herself for the divine woman she has always been.
As we begin to restructure and strengthen the FOUNDATION we have within ourselves, we will discover that the art of letting go comes more effortless and natural. We can let go of people, expectations, resentment, and unhealthy relationships with ease, grace, and comfort when we bring our root chakra back into harmony and reclaim our god-given birthrights. Our relationship with ourselves becomes more solid, which organically attracts healthier bonds and creates infinite streams of peace from within.
This takes effort, and this takes work, considering we sometimes may have been living most of our life with the subconscious belief that we are alone, unworthy, abandoned, and/or unsafe.
Strengthening your foundation and fulfilling your needs from within, will allow you to feel light and at peace with yourself rather than heavy and drowning in your abandonment wound upon waking up in the morning. You are calm in the body rather than anxiously wondering what your partner or ex partner is doing without you, or who they may be potentially loving on. You can feel safe in your own body, feel whole and complete whether on your own or with a partner.
You will be capable of fulfilling your own needs, accept your current reality with ease, live authentically and joyously, and fully flourish into the righteous, confident, and loving being that you were destined to be.
This magnificent transformation takes dedication, and a true desire to live up to your fullest potential. In my mentorship program, I help people who are dedicated to their transformation, healing, and ascension.
I will assist you in accelerating your self-transformative process through re-balancing compromised energy centers and helping you reclaim your divine birthrights, that way you can fulfill your needs on your own and live freely. I also provide you the tools you may need (e.g., guided meditations, ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) exercises, breathing techniques, etc.) to keep you balanced and centered throughout your unique journey in reclaiming your freedom.
This transformation will allow you to go from being stuck on this “never-ending” emotional roller coaster that is making you sick (emotionally and perhaps, physically) … to flourishing in more peace, tranquility, stability, and health.
Moreover, you will go from attracting unhealthy/toxic relationships (partners, friends, bosses, etc.) …to attracting healthier, more stable relationships with people who truly value and cherish you for who you are.
xo, Remi

Fear of Failure: An Illusory Belief

fear of failure
FEAR OF FAILURE: An illusion that is usually stemmed from a deeply rooted belief that we are unworthy.

This fear has the potential to strap our souls down in chains, holding us back from embodying our truest selves and from pursuing our truest passions.

Moreover, this fear can cause us to go onto pursuing a career and pouring our energy into a field that doesn’t align with our most authentic self. Why? Because it is something we believe we are “good at” and most likely won’t fail at… when deep down on a soul level, you know that particular career is not in alignment with your true purpose or true, authentic passions.
Oftentimes, we are aware of this knowing as much as we try to ignore it; and you may ignore it because if you pursued your gifts and talents, you may not believe you could create abundance out of it.
You believe you are incompetent. Or perhaps have some type of inner dialogue suggesting there are “other people who are better than me at this”.
The belief of: “I can’t possibly make a living off pursuing what I LOVE to do”…. “if I fail, I’ll be embarrassed, so I’ll stick with this career that I’m good at even though it’s not something I’d do for free”.
The list goes on. We allow this fear of failure to take over, leading us to live our life unfulfilled on a soul level. Why?
Because we’d rather leave that core wound of “I’m not worthy” untouched and unbothered, than dig deep and do the inner work that will set us free.
So, how can we change this in order to live in abundance and live in alignment with our most authentic self?
We dissect the root of our fear of failure and shift those beliefs into ones that are in alignment of what is true; and what is true is that we ARE worthy and competent of manifesting our dreams into reality, worthy of living our truest passions, and worthy of pursuing what we LOVE for energetic (e.g., financial) exchange.
Even if it takes time and inner work… we are most certainly worthy and competent of what our heart desires. That is our birthright.
Although everyone’s core beliefs are different, most of the time, fear of failure is stemmed from the belief that you are unworthy of blessings and miracles. These beliefs are developed in childhood and/or throughout life circumstances.
Example 1: Let’s say you “failed” at something you worked really hard for in the past. In your mind, that could’ve translated as “I am unworthy of what I work hard for” or “I’m unworthy of my blessings”.
Now it’s 10 years later and you are: pursuing a career that is safe (but not fulfilling), repressing your true passions and desires, quitting on your dreams because in your mind, you’re “not competent”, etc.
Example 2: Let’s say your parents told you something as a child repetitively or acted in a way that made you believe you were bad, unwanted, the sh** show of the family, etc. In your mind as a child or teenager, that translates as “I am unworthy of love”. (The root is still unworthiness, regardless).
Now it’s 20 years later, and you’re repressing all your god-given gifts and talents because deep down, you believe they aren’t worthy of recognition or up to par.
The list can go on, which is why it is important to dissect core beliefs that are harboring in your shadow and blossoming into this fear of failure.
This is where I begin to assist you in SHIFTING your beliefs.
We can go back to example 1… the instance in which you “failed” at something.
When we look at it from an objective perspective, we may come to realize that we gained a necessary skill in that pursuit which has assisted us tremendously in our higher calling.
Or perhaps, in the midst of pursuing that thing we “failed” at, we crossed paths with someone who is still in our lives today that we love very much.
So did we really fail? Or was it destined that we had to just go do that thing in order to hone a skill, to meet someone special, etc.
Yes, things may have not gone OUR way. But, it went the way it was supposed to in order for you to grasp what you needed, but that doesn’t mean you failed; nor, does it dictate your worth.
Example 2: We can go back to the time where our parents said or acted in a way that suggested we were unworthy of love. Looking at it from an objective perspective, we may come to recognize that they may have been dealing with their own emotional traumas or issues.
They couldn’t hold compassion for themselves in that moment due to lack of resources perhaps… leading them to project onto us. We then realize their lack of compassion or their emotional avoidance had nothing to do with our worth, but rather, their own lack of self-awareness.
When we recognize this, we then reclaim our divine birthright of being WORTHY.
This takes practice, it is not an overnight thing. However, when we begin to get the hang of Shadow Work and Inner Child healing, we then begin to dissect the beliefs that are holding us hostage and shift them into beliefs that are true. And what is TRUE for absolutely EVERYONE is that we are worthy.
You are worthy of all your heart desires. You are competent enough to pursue all of your passions and your divine purpose. Your talents and gifts are worthy of recognition and abundance.
No matter how long it takes to dig the weeds out of our minds that hold us hostage, we will find freedom.. and eventually begin to move through love and courage more often than through fear and safety.
In my 2-month Holistic Health Mentorship program, I help people with their fear of failure, amongst any others they may encounter. Through journal prompts, intuitive mentoring, guided meditations, shadow work, and inner child healing, we begin to shift beliefs they’ve been harboring for years. Beliefs that no longer serve their highest good. We shift them into ones that are true so they can live in alignment with their true, authentic, passionate selves.
This leads to a more fulfilled heart, soul, and life. It leads to them being more open to abundance and blessings. They begin to embrace and embody their heart’s REAL passions; they begin to pursue dreams that reflect their authentic nature; they start to embrace their god-given gifts and talents; and most importantly, start moving and showing up as their Highest Self, rather than unconsciously allowing their fear of failure to take driver’s seat.
The price for this offer is a respectable low four-figure investment, but my rates will go up over time.
If my energy speaks to you and you’d like to work with me, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.
xo, Remi

Alcohol & Emotions (energy in motion)

drinking post
While many believe they are drinking an excessive amount of alcohol for pure pleasure, it actually may be that they are struggling to process repressed emotions. (E-motions=energy in motion).
These particular energies in motion start flowing within us which may cause us to feel heavy, uncomfortable, or stagnant (i.e, bored). So we pick up a drink in efforts to feel at ease, happy, calm, and full of vibrant energy.
There is a lack of stillness and inner peace within us, so picking up a drink to feel more present in our bodies, is usually our intention. When we do this excessively, all we are doing is repressing our undesirable emotions, only to be felt the next day at the same intensity or of higher intensity.
This is why it is common to feel either anxious, depressed, angry, heavy, fatigue, sick, etc. on a night of heavy drinking or on the following day.
I am not talking about drinking every now and then for social reasons. I am talking about drinking excessively, or drinking to suppress your emotions.
Rather than providing an operational definition for “drinking excessively” or “drinking to suppress your emotions”, in order to figure out if you fall into those categories, I’ll have you ask yourself these two questions:
1. “Do I drink too much?”
2. “Do I drink to suppress what I feel (e.g., stress, anxiety, boredom)”
If you have an inner voice within you saying “yes” to either one (regardless if your mind is trying to reject that inner truth) then, there is your answer.
Utilizing a spiritual/energetic approach, I have helped others (and myself) learn to process their emotions and feelings stored in the subconscious body in order to cut back on their drinking habits.
Based on my own personal experience… while I never had a chemical dependency on alcohol, I was indeed dependent on the substance to make me feel better.
It was my coping mechanism. Drinking 8+ drinks per week, naively believing I was just “young and having a good time”, when in reality, it was a lot deeper than that.
As years passed, I never intended to quit drinking because I didn’t even know it was a problem when it indeed, was (lol).
I say it was a problem because I was dealing with my emotions and uncomfortable feelings/thoughts in a self-sabotaging way: by drinking wine or tequila from the bottle and labeling it as “me time” or “just having fun”. 
As my passion for emotional alchemy and spiritual awareness grew, I started to set intentions to heal my emotional wounds and transmute my heavy energies into a lighter frequency.
For me, it was never about “quitting” drinking (because I was extremely unaware of my destructive habits/coping mechanisms). However, as I began to heal my childhood and relationship wounds, alcohol eventually began to fade from my experience organically and I began to resonate with it less and less.
I believe this is what happens when we learn to process our core emotional wounds and commit to bringing light into our inner darkness… Our unhealthy coping mechanisms begin to fade by default. 
I also believe when we learn to strengthen our ability to be present in the moment, we won’t always need a drink to bring more “liveliness” to the experience.
Now, it has got to a point where I do not even crave the alcohol effect or have any desire for it when I am out and about. I went from anxiously waiting to get off of work so I could pop champagne bottles to now… being very calm or “whatever” about the idea of alcohol and actually, not really resonating with it. 
What is even better, is that the process was fairly effortless, organic, and not forceful at all because I didn’t go into it with the intention to “quit drinking”. My intention was to address my emotional wounds – the core issue. 
Through Shadow Work, we can learn to dissect our emotional trauma and weed out our inner “demons” one by one. Our desire to pick up a drink in efforts to ease our anxiety or stress, fades or disappears completely. We begin to feel more cleansed and at peace in the moment when we do the inner work. 
Through Art Therapy and/or creative exercises, we can learn to sit with what we call “boredom” (i.e., stagnant energy or lack of stillness within us). Then, eventually we will stop picking up that Don Julio or Hennessey in efforts to provide joy or that “lit”/liveliness effect in our life.
Yeah, don’t get me wrong… you do, indeed, get that LIT effect when you throw that tequila back lol …but it’s all temporary and it only amplifies the stagnant energy harboring within your soul, which you will eventually have to face in due time. Utilizing our creative energies, we can learn to create a vibrant joy, peace, and liveliness from within, which is more beneficial to our physical and mental health.
Through mindfulness and grounding techniques, we can increase our ability to be fully present and engulfed in the moment. When we practice this, we won’t have to pick up a drink as often in order to silence our thoughts, or to feel a sense of stillness, enjoyment or tranquility. We will feel this way all the time without any substance!
In addition to a spiritual/energetic approach like I mentioned above, I also utilize an Applied Behavioral Analysis approach to assist my clients with their excessive alcohol intake. This includes: Fading techniques, reinforcement schedules, etc.
They go from feeling anxious or depressed upon waking up from a night of heavy drinking, to feeling more light and at peace within. They go from feeling mentally fatigue and stressed to feeling more clear-minded and energized in the body. Their days are filled with more joy, presence, light, and compassion because they are tapped into a higher frequency than before.
They eventually increase their level of overall well-being, and decrease their chances of disease and illness later in life. Moreover, their personal relationships improve as they unpack their emotional baggage and learn to cope with their emotional discomfort in a healthy way.
In my 2-month Holistic Health mentorship program, I help genuine souls who are tired of the patterns and habits that are weighing them down; and who are dedicated to their healing, ascension, and transformation.
I help them revert unhealthy behavioral habits, process their emotions, and resolve relationship conflict in order for them to feel more at ease and not need to turn to alcohol as a temporary fix.
The price for this offer is a respectable, low four-figure investment… a steal compared to the self-healing tools you will take on with you for life and the divine shift you will experience. 
If you’d like help reverting your excessive drinking habits, or any other self-sabotaging habits, in order to increase your quality of life, contact me and we will have a quick chat. If we are a good fit, we can get you started within a week.

Taming our Anger Within

Have you ever felt like you’re a ticking time bomb and your anger is either consuming you or putting a damper on the relationships around you?

This could look like… disagreements turning into curse words, slamming of objects, or things getting physical. It can look like snapping on others due to minor inconveniences.

Most of us learn to avoid this authentic, exquisite form of emotion. We suppress it and deal with our anger in non-constructive ways, which in result, sucks the peace out of us or sucks the compassion out of our relationships.

Some of us avoid feelings of anger, or when anger arises, we take it out on others. Sometimes we may blame external circumstances for any of our reckless/unkind dialogue or behavior. A lot of us may project outwards rather than shifting awareness inwards because of fear. Fear that our emotions (e.g., anger) and behaviors stemmed from anger may suggest (in our minds) that we are unworthy or unlovable in some way.

We hear things like, “Stay away from her/him, she/he’s an angry person” … “Don’t talk to her, she/he’s a grump” … etc. These conditioned beliefs weave their way into our minds, and we learn to reject our anger.

In due time, we eventually learn to reject ourselves for experiencing such emotions (consciously or unconsciously). Then, what happens?

As we continue to suppress it moment per moment, it begins to pile up within our body and spirit. This beautiful, raw emotion is consistently avoided, ignored, and rejected. It can then manifest as unhealthy coping mechanisms down the line, such as substance abuse, projecting/abuse, etc. It can even manifest in our physical body through chronic pain, illness, and disease.

Anger is usually stemmed from something deeper than the external situation. It occurs when one of the three are threatened – Our sense of Security (physical, financial, emotional); Our Connections (relationships, sense of value/self-worth, needing to be heard/understood); or Control (feeling empowered to make decisions or have choices).

As we begin to understand our anger, we may find ourselves unraveling deeper layers of emotion that we may have been suppressing for extended amounts of time, such as shame, grief, etc.

Anger allows us to understand our Shadow Self more deeply. It can be our wisest teacher. Therefore, anger is beautiful. I believe it is beneficial when we learn to accept this raw emotion, so we can eventually begin to plant seeds of compassion, kindness, and patience for ourselves.

So, how can we learn to tame our tiger within, in order to preserve our relationships and inner peace?

Through Shadow Work, we begin to learn our anger and dissect the root of the cause right from the jump. Through Inner Child healing, we begin to accept our moments of anger, show love to our raw emotions, and allow our emotions to just be with no judgment when they arise (whether they arise for something minor or major).

Through breathing techniques and exercises which connect us to Self, we learn to breathe through our moments of anger, rather than erupting or projecting onto others every time; and in the moments where we do erupt on others or react through anger (because we are human), these techniques will allow us to go through it with full, conscious awareness and/or self-forgiveness.

Strengthening our conscious awareness… why is this beneficial? When we go through emotions and actions with full, conscious awareness, we discover deeper truths about ourselves over time. We discover any needs that must be met in the moment, or any perceptions stemmed from judgment. This allows us to act from a place of love more often, and less from a place of ego/identity.

It’s important to understand that emotions are not good or bad. Happiness, sadness, anger, joy… they are simply emotions from different sides of the spectrum. One emotion is not better or worse than the other… they just are. Moreover, our emotions do not make us more worthy or less worthy of being loved, safe, and understood.

When we come to realize that anger is not superior or inferior to happiness, we can accept the emotion when it arises. We also no longer perceive ourselves as unlovable or unworthy when we feel this emotion. This allows us to integrate it into love rather than suppressing it to rot in our being and grow like weeds.

When we treat ourselves with more compassion and provide space for our anger, we can communicate our needs effectively with others more often; all while organically creating a space of solace for those you love and yourself.

Learning to cope with our anger and tame our beautiful tiger within not only improves the relationships around us, but most importantly, improves our relationship with ourselves. We understand ourselves deeper than before, which leads to understanding others more deeply. We trust ourselves more, and judge ourselves less… leading us to provide that same energy for others.

We eventually will unlock a deeper level of self-love and confidence when we understand and accept our emotions for what they are, rather than allowing them to consume us and dictate our every action and conversation.

We begin to show up as our highest self more often.

Through this elevated level of conscious awareness, relationships will organically repair, and you and the ones you love will feel more understood and heard. Your mind, heart, and physical body will feel lighter, and you will learn to be able to fulfill your own needs by simply understanding your emotions on a deeper level; and eventually, the vibration of love and light will overlap and wash over you… creating a beautiful, harmonious space of calm for yourself and others.


Learning to Love Yourself (Pt. 2)

When it comes to self-love, I believe one of the most significant techniques is learning to strengthen our awareness of thoughts, and reframing the thoughts that do not serve our highest good. In “Learning to Love Yourself (Pt. 1)”, I briefly discuss the concept of gaining awareness of our thoughts. Once we learn to master this step, we can move onto reframing the thoughts that do not align with our true essence.

As we become aware of our inner critic or inner thoughts that are fear-based, we are then in a position to nurture and love parts of ourselves that have been deprived of our light. It is not uncommon for us to be going through our days on auto-pilot mode, with endless amounts of fear-based thoughts and emotions running through the subconscious mind and body. We (not knowingly) distract ourselves by being on-the-go all the time, constantly scrolling through social media, smoking/drinking, etc. For true healing, we must delve into these hidden, dark, aspects of our being. In doing so, we can then see, hear, and take hold of the energies (thoughts/emotions) that no longer serve us, and transmute them into love.

As we develop a greater and deeper awareness of the thoughts and emotions running on replay in our subconscious mind/body, we strengthen our ability to reprogram the subconscious. When we learn to gain a deeper level of awareness, we can witness any fear-based thoughts passing in the midst of our day, and immediately grasp them. As we witness these particular thoughts (e.g., thoughts that are unkind, thoughts full of shame, thoughts of failure, etc.) like a fly zooming past us, we can grasp them and reprogram them into love-based thoughts. For example, if you experience the thought “I’m never enough”, you can stop it right there and then. Feel it out, give yourself space. Then, nurture that aspect of yourself like you would with a young child. What would you tell a child you loved who felt like they were not enough or felt like they were unworthy?

Many of our thoughts and emotions are stemmed from beliefs that were once instilled in us in our past. Perhaps, a parent who verbally abused as a child, or perhaps a former lover whose actions made us believe we were unworthy of love; maybe a figure of authority who said we couldn’t amount to anything, etc. If we unconsciously agreed to such critique, we have stored, planted, and rooted these beliefs in our subconscious (no matter how much we deny it on a more superficial level). We then go on into new relationships, new careers, our daily lives, etc. with core beliefs that are not consistent with the love and light we hold within. This hinders us tremendously from our most ultimate potential. It hinders us from ascending. It hinders us from fully experiencing the true ecstasy of the present moment and the innermost stillness we embody within. It hinders us from aligning with higher frequencies.

Reclaim your power. Innerstand your thoughts and emotions. Transmute those that do not align with your highest self, into love. Start re-planting, nurturing, and feeding your beautiful mind thoughts of love.. For you ARE love. xoxo



Sometimes we will inevitably time travel into our past as we evolve (or the past will catch up to us). We move backwards in order to move forwards. When we are in tune with our subconscious, we can go into these lower dimensions while still remaining vibrationally aligned with a higher frequency. We must consistently remind ourselves to go into our lower dimensions with full conscious awareness. When the residues of your past selves or inner child make a loud appearance out of nowhere, honor them and welcome them. Matter of fact, have them take a seat at the table and make them some tea.

Go through any necessary old behavioral and emotional thought patterns with full conscious awareness and mindfulness. Dive into the deep end unapologetically, but make sure to remain as the observer. Dive into the space where all of your unresolved past pain resides. Don’t get caught up now. Dive in, then come up for air.. (or leave the front and back door open for your past selves to come as they please, and go once they’re done with their tea lol). To remain as the observer in non-resistant mode, is to master the art of transcendence.

Our subconscious mind will continue to run the show in our outer reality if we don’t dig deep into the shadow of our being. We must extract what is subconsciously weighing us down and give it back to source in order to free ourselves. We must re-discover old pain from childhood or from our past that has been unconsciously suppressed, and nurture it with with the love and care it was once deprived from.

As we re-discover any ignored or suppressed trauma/pain that has been lodged in the deep end, we can then resolve it (inwardly). Doing this in that short lil’ dive, or short lil’ tea session, we clear karmic debt. We free ourselves, our parents, our future children, and our ancestors. We connect to the essence of who we truly are and release the burdens that have been weighing ourselves and our lineage down. We generate our DNA to a higher frequency. We transcend our minds and hearts. We alchemize our darkness into divine light.