Dive In

In moments where I feel my heart is restricted in chains and mush from the past comes to surface, I dive straight in… into the body of dark water.
In my opinion, two years worth of talk therapy can be completed in two months, maybe even two days…. by simply diving head first into our fears.
In traditional talk therapy, we discuss our stressors over and over again, trying to analyze everything or to simply vent.
And while I believe venting and receiving insight from an objective perspective is still extremely healing and beneficial to our relationships, I also believe it only grazes the surface if we are not actively jumping into our subconscious and into the fears that are weighing us down.
It’s like, our hearts desire freedom, but we don’t want to invest or pay the price of freedom.. which involves doing the dirty, messy, and dark inner work.
We want this freedom to come to us after reciting some positive mantras, placing crystals on our forehead, or taping a bible scripture up on our wall…
and while these things are beneficial and great tools that I, myself, still use from time to time… I don’t believe it is the thing that sets us 100% free into living fearlessly, boldly, and unapologetically authentic.
This is where some people quit.. when they realize they gotta jump into, yet, another fear; or when they realize they need to feel that excruciating emotional pain that is waiting for them behind the door of freedom.
You think… “damn, I gotta pay this price for abundance, love, and healing (mental or physical)?”
“Nevermind, I’m good”, you say (basically).
You go on to continue living in stagnancy, continue these repetitive unfulfilling patterns, allow generational curses to continue to trickle down your lineage, and continue living a life that is either not fulfilling or feels inauthentic to your soul.
One thing about working with me is, I am going to encourage you to jump straight into your fears, straight into what is deemed as “bad”, and encourage you to embrace your shadow self.
I do this with love, care, and nurturing energy. Never forceful, and always at your pace.
For instance:
You sense another trauma bond coming to you, they remind you of your ex that caused you deep pain. So you block them and pray to God to protect you from “evil”.
F that. Something in your energetic field attracted them in the first place. Answer their call, fuck it. Dive straight in. We’ll figure it out and move from there.
You sense feelings of anger arise when someone you love belittles you or disrespects you. In efforts to be accepted or to keep them in your life (out of fear), you suppress your emotions and remain silent.
F that. Cuss em out. We’ll move from there.
You are afraid your biggest dreams or heart’s desires will never come true. You won’t receive that money, you won’t have that family, you won’t accomplish that goal… in other words, you won’t have your “picture perfect” reality. So you suppress the fears related to that idea, and say a few positive mantras.
F that. Let’s first write out, talk about, or vaguely imagine that reality you fear the most …and we will stare those fears straight in the face. Vomit if you must. Be angry at God if you must. Cry if you must. But we’re doing that before the positive mantras.
You’re afraid the love of your life is going to move on and happily marry someone else, even though the relationship leaves you depleted, unhappy, and unfulfilled on a consistent basis.. So you put them on a pedestal, put their needs before your own, attempt to control every single one of their moves, and keep your feet planted because you’re “loyal”.
F that. Break up with them and go lay in bed with any abandonment and self-worth wounds. Allow the darkness to eat you up, until you see the light of freedom. Text me if you must. But, we’re choosing freedom.
And freedom comes with a price – diving into darkness.
We must dive into the depths of our subconscious and shadow self if we want to attract the most sacred relationships, a love higher than ourselves, divine healing, and an abundance of light that radiates through our entire being on a consistent basis.
This creates a life you LOVE waking up to; and on days where you don’t wake up to that feeling, you bring forth the courage of your inner warrior and dive into what has you strapped in chains.
Whether you dive into this darkness with strength and courage, or you dive in with total fear, who cares… same thing. Just dive in.
In my 2-month Holistic Healing program, I assist genuine and empathic souls who are tired, lost, and feeling hopeless… and are ready to set their hearts free.
I gently nudge them into the pits of their darkness and hand them the tools they need as they invest into the art of absolute divine freedom.
They bring their darkness and light into a harmonious balance… thus, unlocking deeper layers of love and compassion for self. This gradually and organically extinguishes their fears, one at a time.
They manifest a life (relationships, health, career, etc.) that is more aligned with their heart’s desires…
and most importantly, they are set free.
The price for my program is currently a low four-figure investment, and customizable to your needs.
If my energy resonates with you and you are interested in working with me, contact me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

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