“Stop Crying or I’ll Give You Something To Cry About”

As a child, if your emotional needs were often unmet or you were told things like… “Shut up, quit crying” or “If you don’t stop crying, I am going to give you something to cry about”…
you most likely had trouble processing your emotions as a teenager or young adult which resulted in: reckless behaviors or always “misbehaving” in school, substance abuse, social isolation, etc.;
and/or you probably still have trouble processing your emotions as an adult which has resulted in: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, unhealthy relationships, etc.
Although punishment or shame for crying (or expressing a need) is common in older generations, especially in certain cultures, it is far from healthy, and in fact, creates a plethora of issues later in life.
Whether a child is crying because their feelings are genuinely hurt or they’re crying because they can’t get a toy, pairing emotional expression with punishment/fear (e.g., threats) will more than often create disharmony later in life.
(Now, I’m not saying give the child the toy when he cries lol… I’m saying practice reinforcement and active listening rather than, “because I said so, now stop crying” lol….I’ll save child reinforcement vs. punishment for another day. Let me stay on topic.)
As children… if we got hit, got “the look”, or some type of punishment for expressing emotion, our brains were conditioned very early in life to associate “emotional expression + feeling” with “fear + punishment”.
We’ve essentially been trained to hold in our raw emotions … over and over again. This has the potential to, first and foremost, create physical imbalances later in life (i.e., disease, illness).
Emotions are “energy in motion (i.e., e-motion)” to put it simply.
They must flow in order for mental, emotional, and physical balance… so, if we were not provided the space, compassion, and listening ear to feel raw emotions as children, we learn to suppress our energies deemed as “unacceptable”.
This creates blockages in the emotional body because we have no idea how to simply feel, how to provide a non-judgmental space for ourselves, or how to validate what we feel/believe.
These blockages can eventually manifest into the physical body.
Moreover, if we had parents who did not provide space, compassion, and a listening ear for our emotions (especially if our sadness/anger had to do with them), we tend to attract romantic partners, friends, and/or supervisors with similar (or worse) disregard for our feelings.
We grow to believe that it is normal for people to ignore, reject, physically abuse, and/or turn the table on us when we are upset about the way they’re treating us.
Even worse, sometimes we believe this is consistent with love.
So we remain in this karmic loop of… emotional suppression, co-dependent relationships/friendships, physical/emotional abusive relationships, narcissistic supervisors, anxiety, depression, loneliness, physical illness or disease, estranged parent/child relationships, etc.
First and foremost, it’s important to forgive in our hearts all generations before us who started this generational curse, if you will.
Just like you are doing the best you can for yourself and your children, so were your parents… and their parents.. and their parents’ parents…etc.
Secondly, this generational curse (or cycle) has most likely lead you to reject your own needs and feelings. Therefore, in order to break the cycle and heal the emotional body, we must learn how to hold space for our emotions and make sure our needs are met….
doing this, allows you to provide that same compassion and space for your children as well, organically and effortlessly. You create healthy patterns for future generations.
The work starts with yourself, though.
Holding space for our emotions and making sure our needs are met, begins with nurturing and re-parenting our inner child.
It begins with feeling our emotions without judgment; and validating our own feelings when someone or something has triggered us.
It begins with separating ourselves from people and situations that require us to abandon and reject ourselves in order for the relationships or situation to work.
As we learn to process our emotions through the frequency of love, openness, and acceptance… we heal ourselves, we heal our bloodline, and we heal our children.
I help genuine and empathic souls heal/re-parent their inner child, learn how to process their emotions in a healthy & effective manner, and break generational curses through a variety of techniques (scientific + spiritual/energetic).
Their heart, their mind, and their physical body is brought back to harmony + relationships are restored/strengthened.
Ways to work with me right now:
✨2-month 1:1 Holistic Healing program
✨1:1 individual sessions (monthly membership)
Contact me if interested and we’ll have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

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