Learning to Love Yourself (Pt. 2)

When it comes to self-love, I believe one of the most significant techniques is learning to strengthen our awareness of thoughts, and reframing the thoughts that do not serve our highest good. In “Learning to Love Yourself (Pt. 1)”, I briefly discuss the concept of gaining awareness of our thoughts. Once we learn to master this step, we can move onto reframing the thoughts that do not align with our true essence.

As we become aware of our inner critic or inner thoughts that are fear-based, we are then in a position to nurture and love parts of ourselves that have been deprived of our light. It is not uncommon for us to be going through our days on auto-pilot mode, with endless amounts of fear-based thoughts and emotions running through the subconscious mind and body. We (not knowingly) distract ourselves by being on-the-go all the time, constantly scrolling through social media, smoking/drinking, etc. For true healing, we must delve into these hidden, dark, aspects of our being. In doing so, we can then see, hear, and take hold of the energies (thoughts/emotions) that no longer serve us, and transmute them into love.

As we develop a greater and deeper awareness of the thoughts and emotions running on replay in our subconscious mind/body, we strengthen our ability to reprogram the subconscious. When we learn to gain a deeper level of awareness, we can witness any fear-based thoughts passing in the midst of our day, and immediately grasp them. As we witness these particular thoughts (e.g., thoughts that are unkind, thoughts full of shame, thoughts of failure, etc.) like a fly zooming past us, we can grasp them and reprogram them into love-based thoughts. For example, if you experience the thought “I’m never enough”, you can stop it right there and then. Feel it out, give yourself space. Then, nurture that aspect of yourself like you would with a young child. What would you tell a child you loved who felt like they were not enough or felt like they were unworthy?

Many of our thoughts and emotions are stemmed from beliefs that were once instilled in us in our past. Perhaps, a parent who verbally abused as a child, or perhaps a former lover whose actions made us believe we were unworthy of love; maybe a figure of authority who said we couldn’t amount to anything, etc. If we unconsciously agreed to such critique, we have stored, planted, and rooted these beliefs in our subconscious (no matter how much we deny it on a more superficial level). We then go on into new relationships, new careers, our daily lives, etc. with core beliefs that are not consistent with the love and light we hold within. This hinders us tremendously from our most ultimate potential. It hinders us from ascending. It hinders us from fully experiencing the true ecstasy of the present moment and the innermost stillness we embody within. It hinders us from aligning with higher frequencies.

Reclaim your power. Innerstand your thoughts and emotions. Transmute those that do not align with your highest self, into love. Start re-planting, nurturing, and feeding your beautiful mind thoughts of love.. For you ARE love. xoxo


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