Voids and Joy

We all have voids.. some different than others. Some deeper than others. Some of us fill them with loving the wrong people or staying in unhealthy relationships because we are afraid of being alone, ingesting unhealthy foods for the temporary release of dopamine, or binge watching shows to avoid boredom (feeling our voids). We can also find ourselves filling voids by scrolling through social media excessively in order to avoid sitting in stillness or sitting with uncomfortable emotions; or abusing substances (e.g., alcohol, marijuana) in order to suppress undesirable feelings or even to feel a sense of liveliness in our life. The list can go on. However, what would happen if we tried to fill our voids with joy instead of these temporary, detrimental fixes?

Of course, we can fill our voids with love. However, in certain instances, unconditional love may be hard to find around us or within us depending on the given space or circumstance we are in. In these instances, I find that filling the void with joy comes easier. When we feel deep sadness or anxiety, trying to love ourselves or fill our voids with self-love can be quite the task. However, joy may come easier and becomes more effortless as time goes by, as long as we practice. We can find joy by putting our favorite hoodie or shirt on as if it were our first time wearing it. We can find joy in one of our favorite songs and listen to it as if it were our first time hearing it. We can find joy in a laughing child or happy animal and share that joy with them from near or far. We can find joy in our favorite tea mug. The list can go on. As long as we make an effort into finding even the slightest amount of joy in something, whether it’s big or small, we are healing and we are filling our voids. As we do this over and over again, we fill our voids gradually, we come closer to love, and we become more full.

Author: Remi G.
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