founder of white lotus healing academy

Rebecca Irene (m.a.)

Rebecca Irene is known as an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual & Metaphysical Guide, Emotional Alchemist, Mental-Resilience Coach, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Certified Behavior Therapist. 

Her healing modalities made a significant impact throughout the trajectory of her life as she struggled with anxiety, depression, family conflict, “karmic” relationships, childhood trauma, physical imbalances, and chronic stress.

She has spent years studying and gaining experience in the fields of Psychology, Behavior Analysis/Human Behavior, Alternative Health, Spiritual Healing, and Sport-Exercise Psychology.

She now specializes in helping her clients increase their quality of life by assisting them in transcending their anxiety, fears, grief, self-sabotaging beliefs, emotional blockages, intrusive thoughts, physical imbalances, and core emotional wounds…

that way they can manifest a life full of more love, inner peace, self-confidence, fulfillment, healthy relationships, optimal physical health, and abundance.

The results are magical, life-changing and beyond transformational.

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